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We do not store cookies permanently on your computer.

When you visit the NTAM website, session ID cookies are created to make sure that the server serves the pages that you have requested (this happens on any website you visit). They are deleted when you close your browser or after 15 minutes.

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We create a cookie to pass information between pages when you are going through the booking process. It expires after 15 minutes or if you complete the booking. It does not store personal information.

We do not use cookies to permanently store any personal or sensitive information about you, nor would we pass any of your personal details to third parties.

If you would like further information, please get in touch.


NTAM provides you with programmes and certain presentations from previous meetings. The contents held therein are the opinions of the authors and not necessarily the opinions of NTAM. No responsibility can be held for any loss encountered through the use of information held on this stie. NTAM is not responsible for the content of external websites access through it.


Privacy Policy

By registering with the NTAM site you will have priority booking for the next meeting and access to some extra material on the website. We will not share your details with anyone else and will only use those details in reference to NTAM.


Terms of Use

Trainees take an active part in NTAM and a trainees prize is awarded to the best presentation.



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