A Message from the Committee

14 September 2018

Welcome to the 21st NTAM conference! As the glorious summer of 2018 comes to a close, we on the NTAM committee are looking ahead to the January 2019 Tignes meeting and 21st Anniversary celebration, with hopes that it will equal both the recent summer and last year's very successful meeting making it the best NTAM yet. 2019 sees our 15th return to the Hotel Village Montana, aka NTAM HQ. We are busy compiling the educational programme for the January meeting and look forward to welcoming Professor Anthony Gordon, Chair of Anaesthesia and Critical Care at Imperial College London, Consultant in Intensive Care at St Mary's London and NIHR Research Professor with a focus on sepsis as our plenary speaker.

The trainees, Viv and Paolo, who run the day-to-day work of answering emails, dealing with the travel agent and persuading delegates for their talks begin to swing into action. We wouldn't be able to put it all together without an enormous amount of work from them. They would welcome any suggestions for topics, and even better, an offer of a talk! So, if you can give us an update in your area of practice, have introduced a new service, a successful training initiative, or had a particularly tricky case that will spark debate, tell us about it! This year, in addition to our usual podium sessions, we will be incorporating a poster session to bring NTAM in line with the major International Anaesthesia and Critical Care conferences.

We mustn't also forget to mention Simon Hoskyns of Alpine Answers who manages the accommodation, skipasses and transfer from Bourg-Saint-Maurice. Keeping the costs down is getting more difficult, let’s not mention the 'B' word. We've been going to the Village Montana in Tignes now for over 10 years. Simon has built a close relationship with them and managed to reserve our 'slot' even as the hotel gets ever more popular.

Getting the Most from NTAM

Speaker giving a presentation

Do... Tell us the Talks or Speakers that you'd like to hear

We have invited speakers who are at the forefront of their specialities.

Grinning, Happy Delegates!

Don't...Be Shy

NTAM is a friendly meeting. We deliberately keep the numbers down as our feedback says that exchanging views and tips with colleagues in the bars and restaurants is an important part of the CPD that you can't quantify.

The Eurostar

Do...Think Carefully about your Travel

We've had delegates take a taxi from Geneva to the Conference in their keeness to attend and speak but at a cost! Planning and preparation will make sure that you can get to Tignes safely and in good time without breaking the bank.