Advice for Presenters

Presenters can use their own laptop or transfer their presentations to us. Slides are projected on two screens. There are speakers for audio (but you won't need to microphone to be heard in the room).


Remember that internet access is variable in the conference room and so embedded internet sites may not work. Currently, we do not recommend embedding YouTube videos or similar media.

Avoiding Death by Powerpoint

Eurostar Train

Please don't use timer controlled transitions

Timer controlled transitions are transitions that will switch to the next slide after x seconds or minutes. It is difficult to time your presentation with this.



Resolution of pictures should be greater than 72 DPI. It stops it looking pixelated when displayed on screen. Save the pictures used in your presentation on your USB-stick.

Steve Jobs giving a talk
We have access to Mac and PC

Sometimes a Presentation looks different when you switch computers

It will be possible to load you talk and run through your slides prior to your presentation.

Our IT specialists will do their best to accomodate your requirements.