Choosing a Presentation Topic

The committee who oversee the academic content welcome suggestions from delegates for subjects.


If you look at past NTAM programmes, you will find that NTAM covers all parts of the revalidation Matrix. We match the talks to the Matrix code.

We have been lucky enough to attract speakers with high profile and international reputations: (in no paticular order) Dan Martin (Director of the UCL Centre for Altitude, Space and Extreme Environment Medicine [CASE]), Mike Grocott (Caudwell Xtreme Everest), Judith Hulf (Immediate past-president of RCOA), Kevin Fong (Co-Director of CASE), Kathy Rowan (Director ICNARC), Mervyn Maze (Professor of Magill Department of Anaesthesia).

Do you know someone who would be a suitable speaker?

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The UK is lucky enough to have some of the world's leading clinicians.

Is it you? Does one of them work in your department? Please feel free to suggest names of speakers that you wouuld like to hear - we can't always guarantee that they will come but it is always good to have a name.

You don't have to be a racconteur

Whilst it would be nice to have every speaker make Stephen Fry look boring! NTAM is a friendly meeting that welcomes everyone's suggestions for speakers and presentations. Our Academic Committee, who oversee the content and quality of the programme, will then decide what to include in the next meeting.